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Our weeklong agenda will include workshops, lightning talks, a keynote, unconference sessions, and working sessions.

What topics will we discuss?

Proposed Lightning Talks so far range from GeoBlacklight development to OpenIndexMaps to Ephemeral Geodata to Deep Learning & Aerial Photographs. The topics for the unconference sessions will be determined by attendees during the event.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. David Haynes

Assistant Professor; Institute for Health Informatics; Masters in GIS Faculty; Director of the ISRDI Diversity Fellowship; University of Minnesota

Dr. Haynes is a broadly trained health geographer who uses spatial analysis methods to advance our knowledge of health and cancer disparities. He uses his GIScience and big geospatial computation expertise to understand spatial-temporal patterns of population health and cancer disparities. He also employs community-based participatory methods to develop Health Information Technology to answer substantive research questions about health disparities and cancer disparities.


The following workshop will be offered on the afternoon of Monday, May 20th:

GeoBlacklight and Geospatial Metadata

Part 1: GeoBlacklight for Beginners ---- Advanced GeoBlacklight: Voyaging Beyond Core

An introduction to the GeoBlacklight software with guided techniques for installation and customization.

Part 2: Medley of Metadata Workflows

Creating geospatial metadata for GeoBlacklight using a variety of techniques from manual cataloging to batch harvesting to python scripting.

Tentative Schedule

Main Conference Day 1 Main Conference Day 2 Main Conference Day 3 Optional Working Day 1 Optional Working Day 2
8:30 AM coffee/social time (30 min) coffee/social time (30 min) coffee/social time (30 min) coffee/social time (30 min) coffee/social time (30 min)
9:00 AM Welcome & introductions Keynote Unconference Session Optional trip to East View Working Session
9:30 AM or Working Session
10:00 AM
10:30 AM break (30 min) break (30 min) break (30 min) break (30 min) break (30 min)
11:00 AM Lightning Talks Lightning Talks Unconference Session Working Session
11:30 AM
12:00 PM lunch (90 min) lunch (90 min) lunch (90 min) lunch (90 min) lunch (90 min)
12:30 PM
1:00 PM
1:30 PM Workshops Unconference Pitches and Planning Unconference Session Working Session Working Session
2:00 PM
2:30 PM Final Wrap-up Session
3:00 PM break (30 min) break (30 min) break (30 min) break (30 min)
3:30 PM Workshops Unconference Session Unconference Session Working Session
4:00 PM
4:30 PM Main Conference Wrap-up Session